February Romance Continues!


Welcome to Crabree Cottage!


“The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.”

― Thomas Moore






I love setting the stage for romance, for myself, and my loved ones, as well as for my guests.  The extra attention to detail makes me happy, and fills me with such a feeling of joy! I have so much to inspire me, especially in the practice of the home arts, when the theme is love and romance.


I hope you will be inspired to add simple romance to your everyday life, or escape for a romantic getaway and let us  indulge your senses, and pamper you.


long stemmed chocolate covered strawberries

long stemmed chocolate covered strawberries


This honeysuckle smells so wonderful!


Is there anything more romantic than a cozy spot in front of the fire?

table setting

On our first wedding anniversary we stayed a Blantyre for the weekend. Each morning breakfast was served on different china ~ I just thought that was so special.

traditional table setting

Sometimes a very traditional table setting is just perfect!


Chocolate filled crepes with banana’s and coconut creme!


lemon & powdered sugar crepes

chocolate & orange scones

Heart Shaped Chocolate & Orange Flavored Scones. Pop over to my facebook page to get the recipe!


I don’t usually serve a traditional breakfast but this has a cool twist ~ heart shaped cheese eggs & potatoes boulangere.

Thank you for coming by my blog today. I hope you are inspired to add some everyday romance to your day ~ or book a room with us at Crabtree Cottage!







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This article was written by Janis