Part 1: The Art of Tea

Part 1: The Art of Tea

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

― Jimmy Johnson

Sometimes, when I am paying attention, I notice the most ordinary moments or ideas are what make life so special. Things we take for granted every day, that we would miss if they were taken away, or worse, went unnoticed.  Most rituals we have are sacred, and I think in our fast-paced culture, we need to take notice and realize every moment is sacred, especially the ordinary ones.  Many people have expressed this idea but I think it deserves more thought.

Take tea and the taking of tea for example.  Since I drink tea every day from morning ‘til night I notice that lately, I have been just plunking my teabag into my favorite cup and not taking the time to fill up my teapot instead.  I have a very large collection of special mugs, cups and teapots that have almost become just part of the décor.  I always serve my guests and my family a pot of tea, so it’s time I treat myself to some of that extra care I give to others and start really using my collection again!

I am also going to be hosting a tea party in front of the fire this winter.  A tradition that I’ve always loved, but again, have let go by the wayside.

The last tea party I had was very special.  It was right after Christmas for my Father’s side of the family. The invitation was mailed and I titled it “A Holiday Tea Party with an Italian Twist”.   I had fancy little sandwiches, baked goodies, fancy teas, amaretto and a tea table that screamed “teatime”. Every detail was covered. A tiered plate stand, cake stands, little plates, an assortment of teacups ~ it was beautiful.  Except for the amaretto in cordial glasses, everyone drank wine! So my tea party became a cocktail party!

So, I will not give up on my tea parties, but maybe instead of a 4 o’clock tea, I will have it at 2 o’clock next time!

As you scroll down through the photo’s I have posted I hope you will be inspired to savor something ordinary in your life and turn it into something extraordinary!

Thank you for coming by my blog.  I hope you come back soon for Part 2, where I will give you a few of my favorite recipes for afternoon tea / low tea.  Then in Part 3 I will offer High Tea / Supper tea recipes.


come have tea with me

choose your favorite tea

teapots made by Julia

Julia made these mugs!

part of our everyday collection

part of our blue willow collection

blue willow tea print

lusterware tea service

tea pots in the bookshelves

teacups in the bookshelves

lusterware teacup

tea cup on the mantel

various tea strainers



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This article was written by Janis