Part 2: High Tea


“If you are cold, tea will warm you;

If you are too heated, it will cool you;

If you are depressed, it will cheer you;

If you are excited it will calm you.”

-William Ewart Gladstone

On Inauguration Day we decided to host a High Tea / Supper Tea.  High tea is usually served at dinnertime, and everyone usually sits at the dinner table because it is actually a supper; Shepherd’s pie and other hearty food is often served. We decided to serve our High Tea in front of the cozy fire, at lunchtime, as we watched the Inauguration on TV.

Four years ago we were in Washington for Inauguration Day.  Julia had been invited to participate in the Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference, and we decided we would stay at a B&B and take a little getaway ourselves. If you remember it was freezing that week, and especially that day! As we were walking to the National Mall to witness the swearing in ceremony, we popped into a hotel we were walking by to warm up with a cup of tea. We entered the warm and luxurious lobby and what did we see?   A big flat screen TV, cozy club chairs, someone serving coffee and tea, and room for us! We soon realized we were in the Mayflower Hotel; rumor around Washington was that Joe Biden had slept there the night before.  It even got better ~ in the bar area there was an elegant brunch being served, numerous flat screen TV’s, and room for us too! Did we have to ponder for even a second ~  we could be packed shoulder to shoulder in that huge crowd, freezing and watching the ceremony on a flat screen TV at The National Mall, or sipping a Bloody Mary in the warmth of The MayFlower Hotel; eating an elegant brunch? No, we did not.  So, you see we just had to mark this Inauguration Day with a special event.

Our menu was Shepard’s Pie, Quick Buttery Biscuits, Corn Bread, Chocolate Chip Scones & Molasses Cookies.  Good strong English Breakfast Tea & Sambuca helped to warm up our insides on that very frigid day.

High Tea at Crabtree Cottage

My mom loves a good tea-party

My mom loves a good tea-party


My dad loves a warm fire!

a warm and rustic tea

pure loveliness!

Vice President Joe Biden

James is a Berkshire Resident ~ we just love him!

Former President Bill Clinton & Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Our President!

shepherd’s pie




Thanks for coming by my blog today.  My next Part 3 will be Low Tea ~




This article was written by Janis